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Kitchen-sink-water-flooding, an overflowing kitchen sink floods cabinets, soaks floors & seeps into walls. here's how to take control of a kitchen sink filled with standing water.. Dear angie: how can water flood under my kitchen sink every few weeks when the faucet and dishwasher haven't been used for hours?my plumber advised replacing the kitchen faucet, but he's not really sure that the faucet is the problem. - bonny m., dobbs ferry, new york, 8. plumber's snake. sometimes called an auger, this handy tool can clear clogs that may be stuck further down the system. you’ll have to disassemble the drainpipe and p-trap that runs underneath the kitchen sink to expose the “stub pipe” or “stubout” that travels behind the cabinet wall..

Keep at it. plungers can work on the upstroke or the downstroke. plunging down increases the pressure above the clog and forces it down the drain (while breaking it up), on the upstroke the pressure above the clog becomes lower than the pressure below the clog (which then may break apart and come up into the bottom of the sink, where you may collect it and dispose of it in the trash)., the traps located at each fixture accumulate buildup. traps provide the valuable service of keeping sewer gas out of the building. a certain amount of water is always present in them, and that stops any sewer gas from making its way up and out of the sink drain..

What are the causes of water coming up the drain in a sink?. as disconcerting as it sounds, the water backing up in your sink may actually be coming from the toilet. there are other, less ..., i was doing some house cleaning and started a load of dishes. i used my garbage disposal for some old food i was cleaning out of my refrigerator. everything was okay at first. i started to clean my sink but then i noticed that the water wasn't going down the drain. it was just staying in the sink. i tried using the garbage disposal but it sounded congested. then i heard water splashing on the ....

What do you do when washing machine water backs up to the kitchen sink?. it's common for the washing machine to share a drain with a sink, and if the laundry room is near the kitchen, it could be ..., water flooded the floor in front of kitchen sink, but is not in the cabinets. the dishwasher is next to the sink. we pulled the dishwasher out, and ran it.