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Kitchenaid-refrigerator-ice-maker-water-line-frozen, best place to buy parts & free repair manual http://fixandparts.wix.com/nicknicoloudis#!whirlpool-ice-maker/c1x6d hope my video was helpful. help me move out.... If you need to check if your line is frozen, simply remove the kick plate off the bottom of the fridge then unhook the water line just under the left door. simply pull the two blue tabs apart to unhook the line. place a cup under the line going towards the back of the refrigerator then activate the water dispenser., the ice maker fill tube can be accessed from the back of the refrigerator depending on the model. a refrigerator ice maker that freezes up can be caused by a frozen ice maker fill tube, faulty water inlet valve, too low freezer temperature setting, or a water filter that needs replacing..

Here are the most common reasons your kitchenaid refrigerator's ice and water dispenser isn't working - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself., find the supply line that you suspect has frozen and is cutting off your ice maker's supply of water. your supply line should be about the width of your thumb, and different lines will vary in color. once you have located it, detach any devices or clips that hold it in place. step 4 – prepare to catch water.

To determine if the water supply tube is frozen, disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and blow air through it. if air does not pass through, this indicates that the water supply tube is frozen. if the water supply tube is frozen, thaw it out. in addition, ensure that the freezer is kept at the proper temperature., hi i have a 15 month old kitchenaid ksrt25 side-by-side refrigerator. the water dispenser just stopped working. i replaced the water line a week ago and things ran fine for 5 days. i water through the