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Yves-behar-furniture, yves behar is the founder of the san francisco design studio, fuseproject. yves is focused on humanistic design and the “giving” element of his profession, with the goal of creating projects that are deeply in-tune with the needs of a sustainable future, connected with human emotions and enable self-expression.. Yves béhar is a thinker. and one thing he thinks about a lot is the future. you can see it in his designs—from his reflective red-lacquered laptop for toshiba to his elegant closed-toe footprints for birkenstock to his refined aliph jawbone headset for cell phones., yves béhar (born 1967) is a swiss designer, entrepreneur and an educator. he is the founder and principal designer of fuseproject, an award-winning industrial design and brand development firm. béhar is also co-founder and chief creative officer of august, a smart lock company recently acquired by assa abloy, and he is co-founder of canopy, a new co-working space based in san francisco..

Yves behar refers to the headpiece as a facial accessory. yves behar is the founder of his company, fuseproject. fuseproject is a san francisco based design agency that contributes to areas that include technology, furniture, sports, lifestyle, fashion, and much more., 12 of yves behar's best, craziest, and most profound designs from laptops to door locks, a catalogue of the essentials by verge staff aug 6, 2014, 1:30pm edt.

Ori is the robotic, moving furniture developed by fuseproject + yves béhar with mit ‘ori’ has become the first company to introduce a family of intelligent, responsive technologies that ..., with the yves behar–backed startup tylko, customizing furniture is easy as a swipe “what got me really excited about tylko is the fact that it bridges the gap between tradition and technology,”.... Two years ago designer yves béhar tapped into the philosophy that a well-appointed environment, lacking uniform cubicles and sterile lighting, can boost work ethic and foster productivity.he collaborated investor steve mohebi and designed canopy with developer amir mortazavi, an elegant and ergonomic co-working space in san francisco with an emphasis on refined and innovative design., béhar and his san francisco studio fuseproject came on board to create a single furniture unit that could transform to make the most of small spaces. the final design can be ordered in custom ....

Founded in 1999 by yves behar, fuseproject develops cohesive brand + product experiences.