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Zero-waste-vegan-chapstick, tinted lip balm, natural lip balm. tinted lip chap 100% natural & vegan lip tint. luscious and luxurious at the same time. size options: ~0.15 oz plastic tube (regular twist up tube) ~0.30 oz cardboard tube (push up) ~0.50 oz cardboard tube (push up) color options (lightest to darkest) ~sweet. You have just found the perfect unscented lip balm. mellow vegan lip balm contains no beeswax, lanolin or chemicals. mellows plant waxes, creamy butters and nourishing oils are enough to give you the moisture and healing your lips need- anytime of year. this is a 100% zero waste product- meaning, the lush lip balm line is zero waste and usually vegan (check it if's a honey flavor and you're good)! edit: the metal containers on the website, obviously not the plastic tubes! level 1 4 points · 1 year ago.

If you're looking for an awesome vegan chapstick/lip balm then you should definitely try out the vanilla rose scent/flavor by the brand soothing touch! it's mostly organic, gluten free, and ..., the zero waste community is so positive, and i love being surrounded by so many people who want to inspire change. zero waste is about empowering the individual. we have the power to create change with just a few adjustments to our daily lives..

If you’ve been a reader of going zero waste for a while, you know much i love a good diy! i used to make my own makeup all the time, like this lip to cheek, this eyeliner/mascara combo, and this powder foundation.. but, life gets busy and the reality is that you might not have time to diy everything!, what are the essentials i keep with me all the time you ask. well in this blog post i will answer that question. when i first decided to go vegan, use cruelty-free products, & not support the leather industry, i had a hard time replacing my essentials. i used to always have a classic chapsti.

Zero waste vegan. featured. can we make a difference. february 18, 2020 by zerowastevegan. we are living in scary times, more and more people are standing up to large government bodies and corporations as we race towards the point of no return “the 2 degree target” however as we have already hit 1 degree is it to late., sep 30, 2018 - chap is wack. prevent chapped lips and keep your smile soft with this vegan lip balm! description the epitome of multipurpose, these balms can be used for lips, hands and any other bits of skin that need a little extra tlc. housed in a jumbo paper tube, fair trade organic cocoa butter and coconut oil prevent and repair