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Zoolz-cloud-storage-review, zoolz bigmind is much more expensive than zoolz cloud backup, which is the subject of this review. on zoolz bigmind, you can get 1gb of storage for free for a single user, but 100gb costs $36 per.... Zoolz cloud storage service review february 12, 2018 by hope sherman zoolz offers lifetime storage for all your personal data at an almost unbelievably affordable price. the zoolz lifetime storage means they never delete your data, even if you stop paying for a while., zoolz home cloud backup is an easy-to use-online backup solution that has amazon glacier as its backend. it's pretty good overall, but doesn't have mobile apps and a weird hsitory with its lifetime....

Zoolz review zoolz offers multiple storage plans for small businesses. this backup service has cloud storage, cold storage for long-term archiving, and a "tribrid" system that utilizes zoolz's cloud and cold storage solutions with local storage to ensure maximum redundancy., zoolz dual cloud storage is one of the newer cloud backup companies to hit the scene. when i say new they have been around for a good 5 years and have gotten better year over year from when they first launched. zoolz is unlike any other file backup company out there for 3 reasons..

Zoolz cloud backup is geared primarily towards businesses looking for long-term, comprehensive data security that doesn't need much in the way of maintenance. it's particularly good at standards..., zoolz review here are the main strengths and weaknesses of the cloud backup and cloud storage service which makes use of the amazon web services structure. this enables zoolz to offer performant services at decent prices. overall, zoolz is a good cloud storage and backup solution for those looking for a lifetime guarantee of cloud backup.. Not trustworthy. this is a rip off. i bought a lifetime plan of 1tb instant vault and 1tb of cold backup storage on mar 04, 2019. right now my 1tb instant vault storage is just like a cold storage., get 2tb of cloud storage for life for $39.99. it almost sounds too good to be true, but uk-based zoolz is the real deal. plus: three bonus deals!